Joëlette and People Experiences

JAPES was founded by Nelson Liddle, a teacher whose life was changed when he took up running. On his first marathon in Rome in 2014, he witnessed a  group of runners helping a young boy participate in the race in a Joelette. The look of joy on the face of the youngster as the crowd cheered him on – was the inspiration behind JAPES.
In the summer of 2016, Nelson took on the John Muir Way Challenge. This saw him run from Helensburgh to Dunbar, coast-to-coast, on the John Muir Way in Scotland - a distance of 138 miles - the equivalent of five marathons over five days. The Crowdfunding raised through this allowed the purchase of our first Joelette, and JAPES: Joelette & People Experiences was born.


We are located in             Central Scotland.

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